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SQF Certified

Todd’s is SQF Certified. This encompasses all our programs and certifications that come from the state and local industries which govern the safety and product information we use on a daily basis. The employees and managers of Todd’s pride ourselves on the licenses and accolades we have received over the years. Your continued support of our industry helps us stay the course on high achievements in maintaining our products.

FDA Compliant

QUALITY ASSURANCE:   We require documentation from all our vendors to ensure the highest quality. Todd’s consistently manufactures products that are safe. The facility operates under FDA regulations and implements a HACCP based QUALITY SQF record system to maintain food safety and quality at all times. Our rigorous HACCP, food safety, and quality standards allow Todd’s to maintain pre-requisite food safety programs.

Our Practices:

Recall Programs


Product Traceability


Pest Controls


Sanitation Processes


Allergen Controls


Good Manufacturing Practices

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