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Bulk Blending

Bulk blending is a Todd’s specialty that is commonly used for restaurant chains, grocery delis and other food service applications. These formulations can be proprietary or formulated by our customers to suit their needs. Both dry and liquid blends are possible. Todd’s blends offer a consistency that consumers expect, and allows chefs to be confident that they are supplying their customers with premium quality products over and over again. Blends can be suited for anyone’s needs. Todd’s is capable of developing formulations that are kosher, organic, non-irradiated, GMO free or gluten free ingredients.

55 lb or 25 kg Bags

Todd's can package your bulk blend in 55 lb or 25 kg paper bags.  Fold over glue seal and a sewn top seal are currently available.

Super Sacks_edited_edited.png

Bulk Bags

Need an even bigger batch size? Todd's will package your product into Bulk Bags or Super Sacks.

1 bag= 1 pallet.

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