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Facts - Answers - Questions

What’s the minimum that you manufacture?  

We don’t have a minimum amount; we give multiple quotes for different quantities, but we base it on the best option for the client. 

What style and size of packaging do I use? 

There is a variety of options and we assist to give the best option for your product. 

Where do I get help designing my label?  

We help with the design of the label, meeting all the mechanical and legal specifications. 

Where do I get a barcode for a product?  

You can get a barcode from GS1-US. We give all that information to you at the time. 

How do I acquire nutrition information and an ingredient statement for my product?  

We are willing to help you gather the information with all legal requirements, this is an added charge. 

Can my product be manufactured as an organic or kosher product?  

Yes, we are certified organic and kosher. 

Who distributes my products?  

We are not distributors but we can refer you to distributors. 

Who uses Todd’s BBI custom packaging services?  

Todd’s can help any business! Large Fortune 500 companies can use Todd’s services for test marketing purposes and developing least cost methods and packaging. Mid-size companies turn to Todd’s to fill their peak season needs, for specialized manufacturing or packaging requirements, or smaller production runs to complement other main line products. We can help small companies because it is cost effective to run with a facility that has already made the investment in equipment, facilities, and personnel. 

What about entrepreneurs?  

We can do all of the above! Our services will enable the entrepreneur the time and resources to develop & enforce their marketing and sales plan as well as develop additional SKUs. 

Do you provide inventory control services?

Yes! We currently have the ability to monitor inventory based on your needs. We have a lot number coding system to track products, and we can track any product based on item number or lot number. We can enable your company to focus on your business, not the tedious task of counting lot number sales. We cycle count on a regular basis, ensuring that your inventory is always correct. Based on your needs, we can provide you with a full inventory on a timely basis. 

Can Todd’s BBI help me with Logistics services?

Yes! We will shop for the most competitive carrier for each shipment. We can prepare packing lists, bills of lading, and other documentation as required. We will prepare your shipment for safe delivery, from the time we pick your order until it leaves our dock. We’ll make sure your product is labeled appropriately, get your product palletized, and stretch wrap it.

Can I really do this? How can Todd’s help me with my project?

You can do this! We will work with you every step of the way. Reviewing your needs with Todd’s might reveal some gaps in your requirements prior to possibly making a regrettable (but avoidable) error. We can take the detail daily responsibilities of running the mechanics of a business so you can dedicate your time to growing your business to its optimum.

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